Foam Fighter Evaporator

A Wendel’s Maple & More exclusive!

This unit will consistently and reliably add defoamer to the flue pan, effectively controlling the ENTIRE EVAPORATOR!

The Effects……

√  Less boil-over

  Less missing within partitions

  Smaller, more fequent draws

  Fewer Temperature spikes during draws

  Decreased defoamer usage

  Increased boiling rates

  Less stress

  Lighter syrup

Easy Installation

Use the mounting clamp to hold the Foam Fighter to the top of the flue pan or if using hoods attach to the feed float box.*

* When on a flue pan float box use the included hose to direct the defoamer into the opening, moving fesh sap to the flue pan.  This will keep the dfoamer from floating on the surface in the box.  Keep hose clear of any moving parts.

** When used on a Steam / Away the hose should be directed through a 1/2″ hole drilled into the side pan.  Cut excess hose.  Defoamer cannot be fed directly into Steam / Away float box.

  ***Note:  Organic defoamers will require 2-3 times as much defoamr per cycle or less time between cycles.

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