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    Suppressor ORG60

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Suppressor ORG 60 is a foam control chemistry in a new line of organic products from Hydrite Chemical Co. that affords the end-user a powerful foam control agent for systems that require an approval for use in organic processing. The product can be used to treat foam in systems such as vegetable washing, meat processing, dairy processing and fertilizers where organic approvals are strictly required.

Health & Safety

Please refer to our
Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for safety information and any possible handling precautions that may exist.

Allergen Status

For allergen status and information please refer to
the Hydrite’s Allergen Status Letter.

Regulatory Status

This product is OMRI listed as a defoamer
For use in food processing applications, please see Hydrite’s FDA Approval Letter.

Product Benefits

  • Contains no synthetic substances
  • May be used effectively in hot and cold
  • Non-hazardous handling

Use Guidelines

In organic processing systems, Suppressor ORG 60 should be used as received. The product has been found to be effective in all organic food processing and should be used at dosage rates of 50 to 200 ppm based on system volume. The product should be injected directly into the process flow. For maximum effect, the product is most efficient when added prior to foaming.

Market Applications

  • Maple Processing
  • Organic dairy applications
  • Soy processing
  • Fruit & vegetable processing
  • Beverage processing
  • Egg processing

Physical Properties


Opaque, brown liquid

Specific gravity:

0.855 (@ 25oC)

Solubility in water:


Flash Point:



500 cps


5 Gallons:   $400
Gallon:        $96
Quart:         $36
8oz.:             $12

Dealer & large quantity pricing available.

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